Java Server Side Developer

We are looking for a Java Server Side Developer for the Shadow Fight Arena
Nekki is a game development studio, the creator of Shadow Fight Arena, Shadow Fight 3, Shadow Fight 2, and Vector. The total number of registered users for our games exceeds 1 billion worldwide. We develop and release games for PC, consoles, and mobile platforms.   Shadow Fight Arena is a fighting game with real-time synchronous PvP on mobile devices, unparalleled in the world. The project team adheres to a meticulous approach to art, animation, UI, and game design. We are not afraid to utilize serious and complex tools where they help solve challenges. For instance, to achieve seamless PvP, we developed a rollback system, and PBR ensures console-quality visuals even on mobile phones. Additionally, for animation creation, we use our proprietary software, Cascadeur, enabling the development of realistic action animations without the need for motion capture. All of these efforts have helped the team create a game that has been downloaded over 10 million times with an average rating of 4.7, gaining recognition from players and industry experts alike. Our ideal candidate:
  • Has over 3 years of commercial backend development experience in Java.
  • Knows how to develop a server for tens of thousands of online players.
  • Has experience in developing distributed systems that continue to operate even if some instances fail.
  • Familiar with Protobuf, Guava, and other popular libraries.
  • Writes thread-safe code, not only familiar with wait() and notify() but also with java.util.concurrent.
  • Consistently thinks about code efficiency, is closely acquainted with profilers, understands concepts like Sampling, Thread Dump, and HeapDump.
  • Strives for code clarity and elegance.
  • Dislikes manual actions and aims for automation.
  • Enjoys reading documentation and studying the source code of used libraries.
  • Enjoys sharing experiences, finding issues in both their own and others’ code.
Technical aspects:
  • Java 11.
  • Netty for the networking part.
  • Hazelcast as the foundation for distributed data structures and operations.
  • PostgreSQL as the main database.
  • Design, develop, and supporting meta gameplay features on the server.
  • Design the client-server protocol.
  • Develop unit tests.

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